Icarus corporation

Icarus corporation is the name of a large conglomerate of loosely tied together companies having roots in the early 21st century companies such as Microsoft, Newscorp, and even Scientology. They largely work in the research and development of new electronics, starships and weaponry, but they've also recently branched out, buying Pan-Galactic-News, One of the largest News networks in Human space.

Icarus's pro-human views are something Icarus makes no attempt to hide, officially it feels a strong human presence means a strong economy for them to take advantage of. Unofficially, however, there has always been the general feeling that Icarus feelings on superiorness of humanity go farther then simple monetary gain, and there have been rumors of Icarus even funding certain illicit projects designed to capture and maintain human superiority over all other races. Still, there has never been any direct proof of their involvement with any terrorist activities.