200 pts; Physical, Supernatural

Sometimes, when people die, they just don't pass on properly for some reason, but instead leave an imprint of themselves — a shadow of who and what they felt they were — on the world. Ghosts are exceedingly rare, even in this age where billions of people are born and billions of people die every day. For two or more ghosts to occupy the same vicinity is also a rare thing; in the few and far between times when ghosts do meet, their encounters tend to be tense, and they are quick to part ways, almost as if they instinctively fear each other for some reason.

The precise circumstances required to "make" a ghost are unknown, but the following traits seem to be universal amongst existing ones:

  • Their manner of death was slow, rather than immediate (e.g. suffocation, slowly bleeding out)
  • Their deaths were always accidental, never from suicide, homicide, or even natural causes
  • They had, in life, been fully expecting for their death to come in a specific, but completely different manner than it actually did
  • They died alone

Ghosts are completely invisible to the tangible world, except for their eyes, which are visible as small, eyeball-sized orbs of coloured light. To each other, however, they appear as amorphous, floating black forms of roughly the same volume their body had at their point of death, with their eyes only visible from one "side" and located on the surface of the rest of their form. They only have as wide a field of vision as they did in life. This means that ghosts can be snuck up on… if you can figure out which side is their "back", at least.

In addition to their normal vision, ghosts also have Soulsight, which overlays their regular vision without interfering with it. It only works if they're looking at something with their own eyes, however. Corpses and inanimate objects are grey and dull, undead are inky black, and the living are great splashes of colour.


Doesn't Breathe [20]*, Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]*, Enhanced Move (Air) Lvl. 1 [20]*, Insubstantiality (Affect Substantial, Always On) [80]*, Possession [100], Pressure Support 3 [15]*, See Invisible (Soulsight) [15], Shadow Step [50]** Vacuum Support [5]*

Ghosts additionally may have one Innate Attack with "Affects Substantial", which must be related to their cause of death (GM's discretion).

*These capabilities are not passed on to a host body; a living human still needs to eat, drink and breathe, and any solid body cannot fly or walk through walls, and is just as easily crushed or exploded as they would be otherwise.

**This ability requires a host body.


Cannot speak [25]*, Supernatural Features (Glowing Eyes) [5]* (No Shadow) [5]*, Frightens Animals [10], No manipulators [50]*, No Sense of Smell/Taste [5]*, Phobia (Other Ghosts) [15]**

*These can be made up for by a host body capable of doing so.

A ghost's eyes are only visible when they're in a host if they either overlay them into their host's eyes (making their pupils appear to glow and effectively blinding them for the duration) or by partially extending themselves out of their host.

**Also covers anything else too unnatural perceived on Soulsight. Default Self Control roll to beat is 12.